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Regional Centres for Success @ Durham College

Student Candidate Application Package: Fall 2022.

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Equity and Inclusive Education   

The Durham District School Board's vision is that Ontario schools need to be places where everyone can succeed in a culture of high expectations. We strive to have an open and inclusive environment of equity in education in all our schools and for all our students. 

The  sets out guiding principles and areas of focus for creating safe and inclusive schools for everyone. 

The Equity and Inclusive Education policy echoes the Board’s commitment to embracing diverse social realities; while maintaining positive, safe and inclusive environments for all students and staff.  The policy is a reflection of Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy, supporting all areas of Durham District School Board principles, practices, and guidelines. 

Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to promote equity and social justice. 

These resources are intended to help students acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to challenge unjust practices, and build positive human relationships as members of a global community.    

To learn more, the following four guideline documents Accommodating Creed in SchoolsGuidelines for Inclusive LanguageSupporting Our Transgender Students and Supporting Trans Students in Our Schools have been developed in consultation with staff and community partners to reinforce quality education, as we continually strive to support equitable services, programs and welcoming facilities.

Program Description

Thank you for choosing to apply to the Centres for Success September 2022 program. The Regional Centres for Success Program @Durham College is an EXIT program, which when successfully completed, will ensure you have enough credits to graduate from high school and achieve your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. As part of the program, you will have the opportunity to earn one college credit (Dual Credit). Your individualized student timetable will be created upon acceptance into the program. As this is a dual-credit program, there are college expectations with regards to attendance.


Due to COVID-19, all staff and students entering the college campus are required to adhere to Durham College requirements outlined here:

Due to COVID-19, please note the following:

  1. Location and Method of Delivery: There are a total of five Regional programs, with four being held at Durham College, Oshawa Campus and one at Durham College, Whitby Campus. 
    Due to COVID-19, all staff and students entering the college campus are required to adhere to Durham College requirements outlined here:

  2. Attendance and Work Expectations: The CFS program follows a daily schedule, similar to a regular high school. Students are expected to be present in person every day for the entirety of their classes and to be actively engaged in class activities and discussions.

  3. Supports: Potential candidates will have access to Durham College campus facilities such as Student Support Services, Fitness Centres and the campus Health Centre.

  4. Dual Credit: Students will select from a variety of potential dual credit courses running out of the Oshawa and Whitby campus.  These offerings and the location of them is subject to change.

Students who are accepted into the CFS program and have a DDSB Chromebook or SEA laptop, are required to bring it with them.

Candidates for the Program

  • Re-engaged or grade 12 students who are motivated to complete high school but may be struggling with being successful in a regular day school. 
  • looking to complete college-level studies for their pathway 
  • are within a semester of graduating, with at least 24 credits.
  • have completed or attempted ENG3C1 OR NBE3C1. 

Highlights of the Program

There are several advantages of the CFS program including:

  • a small class with a specialized Student Success teacher. 
  • the opportunity to participate in Credit Recovery. 
  • the opportunity to earn a Dual Credit. 
  • independent learning.
  • an individualized timetable. 

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